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The Handyman Cape Town painting contractors works with a variety of paint and painters daily in the Northern suburbs as well as the southern-suburbs in the Western Cape. Call Us on +27789018866 or Click Here for appointments.
Painting with the Handyman Services Cape Town
We hope you find everything you need about our product and services here with us. Click Here to Get-A-Quote. Your email inquiry will reach us in minutes meaning. We will respond to your call within 24-48 hours. Remember, a direct call and you’ll get our attention immediate.
We offer market related prices and alwaysopen to suggestions, ideas, recommendations on all requests. Please feel free to ask me anything. If you are unsure about the nature of your problem and you feel you really need a handyman to visit your premises. Don't hesitate to contact me. Sometimes I may include a small fee to simply cover my petrol costs. If there are anything else then we will be sure to communicate this with you before visiting or commencing with any work.  Feel free to call me anytime.
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Why do we ask or look for a handyman. The handyman service is basically looked as a much more personal level of business with customers. Most handyman working all over the Western Cape and especially in Cape Town is companies who specialize in small jobs. They are handymen who particularly specialize in specific areas of maintenance in and around the house or office. It’s not always easy to find the right guy for the right job so it’s always best to search in various areas and hope to get lucky. Actually – ‘lucky’ is not really the right word to describe finding the best person for the job. One should always seek to first ask for references and make sure to actually use the contact numbers and try and get in touch with the person who the handyman some work for. At least make 2 calls and ask to check if you could come by the house or office of where the work was performed last. Looking at it from a security point of view – You as the new customer don’t really have to follow through by driving to where the handyman last did the a job, but the mere affect that you are inquiring and actually letting the new handyman or contractor know that you are interested in his workmanship is a good indication that you are not ready to be robbed or taken for a ride. As the new client hiring the handyman, you as the client will soon discover if the new handyman is real and legit. The guy who is claiming to be good doesn’t speak much of his work. He normally lets you know that the job will take so much time, it will cost so much and the right guy always gives you options. The wrong guy will simply not answer any of you follow-up calls and refuse to answer. The wrong guy will simply pick another gullible customer to take for a ride. I often get to a client and the first thing they always ask me, ‘How soon can you start?’ That is the wrong question. Next time ask your new handyman the following questions. Start of by asking: ‘Where are you currently busy and do you mind if we take a look at your work. A confident, honest and reliable person would answer. Sure, here is my client’s number and here are more references.’ The right handyman for the job never makes up stories. He has his clients on quick dial which means his clients are a phone call away. Try not to intimidate your new guy. Also – Don’t negotiate on a cheaper price to get the job done. This is normally the quickest way to jeopardizing a good guy’s reputation. Instead ask if the products that will be used if they are the right materials to ensure the job is done correct. The right-handyman will charge you for his knowledge and professionalism as a professional- handyman.  Quality-handyman-services normally insist on a call-out fee to ensure he is not being used unnecessary and on top of it not getting paid. You are well on your way to getting the best-handyman guy for the job. Never forget to ask if the price is right and if everything can be confirmed on email or any kind of proof as reference.  A good client makes a good handyman work accurately and speaks well of his knowledge and workmanship and a good relationship grows with a good reference. I hope you find the above handyman hiring tips useful and remember. A very good handyman gets the job done today or tomorrow and he will not make his clients wait on him.

Today’s top handyman tip: Be polite and sure to not make the reference call in the presence of the new contractor. Make sure to make eye contact with the new contractor and ask to be excused. You don’t have to make the actual phone call in order to do a reference check. You can simply pretend or you may do it anyway. Either way – You are doing the right thing by showing you are serious before spending your money. Cape Town Handyman services are a good way to go about getting the job done with less hassles. READ ABOUT THE MOLD. Click here to find out more ...

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